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10 Tips to Happiness in Life - Simple tips to happiness of your life and family from Pope Francis’ experience
February 1, 2015

10 Tips to Happiness in Life

Pope Francis revealed 10 tips to enhance our happiness during the interview with Viva Argentina and these tips are from his very own experience.

1. Live and let live: Everyone should follow this guideline in living. There’s an Italian saying, “Move forward and let others do the same” which is similar to “Live and let live” of the English.

2. Try to give: We all should be generous and open to others. “Isolating yourself from others, you are likely to become selfish. Stagnant water will become foul water.”

3. Live with tranquility:  The Pope, once a literature teacher in secondary school, used the story of Don Segundo Sombra as a metaphor by looking back at the life of the cowboy (Don Segundo Sombra is a protagonist in a work of Ricardo Guiraldes, renowned Argentinian author and poet.) He compared childhood to currents flowing past numerous rocks, adulthood to rushing stream and old age, in which life keeps going on but in a slow and still manner like water in a well. He said that stagnant water is like ability to move forward with kindness and modesty, and eventually becomes tranquility.

4. Have a healthy sense of leisure: He said, “Consumerism has increased stress to life.” He suggested that parents try to spend time with their children and turn off TV during the meal.

5. Sundays should be holidays: Any workers should have a day off on Sundays because Sunday is a family day.

6. Create beneficial jobs for the youth: We must initiate jobs for them. If they don’t get any chances, they might resort to drugs and be likely to commit suicide.

7. Respect and protect nature: “The decay of nature is a great challenge. I think that what we have never asked ourselves whether we are killing ourselves by exploiting nature savagely without pondering.”

8. Stop being negative: “When we speak ill of others, it shows that we lack self-esteem. It means I’m feeling bad, but instead of improving myself, I choose to bring others down.” He said, “The sooner you stop those negative thoughts, the better your mental health will be.”

9. Don’t proselytize: Respect others’ beliefs: He said, “We can inspire others with faith and such communication helps us grow as well. The worst case is to convince others to convert to other religion and that paralyzes.  The motivation like ‘I talk to you because I want to persuade you’ shouldn’t happen. A conversation to every single person should start from his or her identity. A religion prospers from spiritual attraction, not from persuasion to convert.”

10. Work for peace: He said, “We are living in the age in which several wars occurred. So we need to fight for peace. Normally, people think peace is tranquility but, actually, it is a proactive operation which is full of energy and creativity.”