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“Trigger Finger” Dangerous than You Think
February 1, 2015

Nowadays, most people use smartphones and tablets as tools for communication, work and entertainment because of the convenience they provide. However, the doctor has warned that using these tools too much would affect the tendons. If the symptom is severe, a surgical treatment might be needed.

Now, if we look around, we will see only those who look at their personal screens, both smartphones and tablets. They type, chat, browse the social network and play games, ignoring everyone around. They should have heard some about trigger finger, about the symptoms brought by typing and sliding the screen. But even so, they all ignore the warning!

So, today we bring the warning to you again, to show you the symptoms resulting from the behavior of being addicted to technology.

“Not many people know that smartphone addiction causes De Quervain's Disease” said Dr. Pat Chulasiri, an orthopedic surgeon of Vejthani Hospital. He explained that first we need to understand that the tendons are covered with pulleys just like the wires and the electrical conduit. As the finger bends or stretches, the tendons will move through the pulleys. Playing games, chatting or tapping on small smartphone screen frequently will lead to the thumb’s being bent more than usual and causes the friction between the pulleys and the tendons. This brings about the inflammation, making it hard for the tendons to move through the pulley and causes the soreness at the base of the thumb or trigger finger in case of severity

It is found in women more than men!

Dr. Pat also explained that trigger finger is found in women more than men and found in those with chronic disease or those who frequently bend fingers over a long period such as typing, carrying a bag, or grasping something.

If the soreness occurs at the base of the fingers or if the fingers cannot stretch freely, the doctor’s appointment will be urgently required.

Those people will meet the doctor with the pain at the base of the fingers on the palm, the condition that the fingers cannot stretch freely, the pain in the morning and less pain when moved for a while. For the treatment, the doctor has to examine if the symptom is still just in the state of inflammation or if it has already reached the state of disease.

In severe cases, a surgical treatment is the only choice!

The treatment will begin with resting the fingers and hands along with taking anti-inflammatory medicine, pain reliever, and exercising the fingers by putting an elastic band into two fingers and move them away and close to each other for at least 30-60 times a day. If the symptom is not better, it may need an injection of a steroid or a surgery to widen the tunnel so that the tendons can move more freely. However, the patients have to follow the doctor’s instructions strictly and avoid using smartphones too often.

So, come back to the real world. Use smartphones less, not for anyone but for yourself, for your health!


Source: Thai Rath Online