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Our Background

The number of radio programs for children, youth and family are now in decline, despite radio being an important type of media. It helps stimulate the imagination in children which leads to the learning process in the aspects of emotion, morality and ethics, and leads to brain development. Radio programs are also capable of fostering the bonds between all family members. The survey results conducted by the researchers under the ‘Potential Development Project for Radio Programs for Children, Youth and Family’ reported a very little percentage of the age-appropriate radio programs in comparison with the total number of frequencies broadcast in Bangkok and its metropolitan areas. It was less than 10% in comparison with the total number of radio programs nationwide.

‘Kids Radio and Media Association’ was a joint effort of academics, organizations for children, and content producers of children’s radio programs. They understand the importance of having channels to present various types of creative media as a network. The contents presented through the process of exchanging knowledge and experience received supports from Family Network Foundation, Potential Development Project for Radio Programs for Children, Youth and Family, Media Plan for Child Well-being Promotion, and Thai Health Promotion Foundation. Kids Radio and Media Association aims to generate more space for the quality and appropriate media for children, youth and family. The Association also aims at stimulating the process of children’s media quality improvement to match the learning requirements of children and producing the contents harmonious to the direction of well-being development for children and youth of each age group. 

Kids Radio and Media Association was officially opened on January 8th, 2009. The committee of the association was appointed and the members were gathered in order to develop the association into a fully formed radio association for kids. Assoc.Prof.Joompol is the Chairman.    We will be the primary force in linking up the network of children’s radio program producers. We will also support the information needed for the production of creative media for children such as stories and songs. We provide models of the radio programs aiming at developing the learning ability of children and youth, and we organize training courses for enhancing the skills of children’s program producers, for example, a training on how to make a program fun.

Production of Children’s Radio Programs

Radio programs for children and youth are the programs aiming at the audience between 1-24 years old. The contents are about education, learning, thinking process development, life skills, models of good living, morality and ethics, developing relationships with friends and others in the society, enhancing physical development, and specific activities and interest of children and youth.

Family radio programs are the programs aiming at family members. The contents are about the bonds between members of the family, the roles of husband and wife, the roles of parents and children, taking care of the physical and mental health of family members, helping each other, family activities, facing the problems that come with the relationships and learning to find the solutions, managing conflicts in the family, values, morality and ethics, and developing good relationships between the family and others in the society.

Some have misunderstood that a children’s radio program means the program that has children as its host. In actuality, a children’s radio program are the program with appropriate contents for children in a specific age group. Therefore, in broadcasting children’s radio programs, it is absolutely necessary to understand the concept.